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President's Message

Dear Friends,

As a consumer of products and services, I’ve always had the most confidence in an advisor who is able to take a complex subject and explain it to me in simple, understandable terms.  This is the mark of a knowledgeable professional with an ability to communicate effectively.  When it comes to the delivery of insurance services, this is the goal of each and every one of us at Carey, Richmond & Viking.

Over the years, I have observed that our clients’ expectations of an insurance agent are not all that different than what they expect of other advisors: collaborate with me to determine what I need, help me to obtain it, and be there for me – even before I know that I need you.

At Carey, Richmond & Viking, we work with a broad range of insurance carriers so that we can access the most appropriate products for you - year in and year out.  Every situation is unique and often changes over time.  We give you the choice of many insurance carriers to best fit your circumstances, yet maintain the independence to serve as your advocate in the event of a claim.

We thank you for giving Carey, Richmond & Viking the opportunity to demonstrate our superior level of customer service, something we have been doing for more than 50 years.

V. David Andrade

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With direct relationships with 30 insurance carriers, we stay on top of the insurance markets so you don’t have to.