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Let us make sure your valuables are covered as they should be!

Protect your collections such as jewelry, artwork, coins, musical instruments, wine and more so your items can be passed down for generations to enjoy.


ALL-RISK COVERAGE: Covers most types of risk without any deductibles.

WORLDWIDE COVERAGE: Family inherited jewelry can travel without care as your insurance protects you wherever you go.

MYSTERIOUS DIAPPEARANCE: Your valuable item is gone, and you are not sure what happened. Policies offer coverage for stolen, misplaced, or lost items.

BLANKET OR SCHEDULE ITEMS: Choose to do a blanket coverage which covers everything in a collection such as jewelry or schedule each item individually.

BREAKAGE or DAMAGE: Protects if your items are damaged due to smoke damage or a fire.

NATURAL DISASTERS: Your items would be covered in the event of a flood, tornado,

earthquake, or wildfire.

Contact us today to learn how we can customize an insurance solution personalized to fit your needs.

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