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Homeowners Insurance is designed to protect one of your largest investments. Every property is different so let us help safeguard what matters most.

Protection is provided for the physical structure of your home, any detached structures, personal property, funds to stay elsewhere in the event of a claim, personal liability, and medical expenses to others.


DWELLING (Coverage A): Protects the main physical structure of the home such as the walls, floors, roof, windows, support beams, foundation, electrical and more.

OTHER STRUCTURES (Coverage B): Provides coverage to any detached structure (like a garage, fence or shed) for damages caused by events such as wind, hail or fire.

PERSONAL PROPERTY (Coverage C): Protects your personal items such as clothing, furniture, and appliances if they are damaged by a cause listed in your property.

LOSS OF USE (Coverage D): Helps with payment for temporary housing and expenses for your family while your home is being rebuilt or repaired up to your applicable policy limits.

PERSONAL LIABILITY (Coverage E): Protects you financially if you are responsible for property damages or injuries to others. This is worldwide coverage.

MEDICAL (Coverage F): Assists with paying for your guests’ immediate medical expenses if they’re injured on your property up to the limits you choose.


  • Cyber Protection

  • Home Systems Breakdown

  • Identity Theft Protection

  • Scheduled Jewelry and Fine Arts

  • Service Line

Contact us today to learn how we can customize an insurance solution personalized to fit your needs.

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