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Carey, Richmond & Viking is a 3rd generation insurance agency founded by the Andrade family in Rhode Island. John Andrade arrived in the United States from Portugal and opened his first agency in Bristol, RI in the early 1930’s. He insisted upon personal attention, convenience to his clients and prompt response. In the 1930’s, this meant weekend or evening hours, lunch-pail meetings in factory yards, and home visits.

When World War II intervened and John headed off to serve, it fell to his wife Luella to single-handedly maintain both the business and the family. Keeping her husband’s mandate to personally visit each client, Luella would scout their homes in the daylight to be sure she could find her way there later in the evening. John returned from the war to a stable family and a thriving business.

John’s son, Victor, joined his father’s firm and expanded it beyond Bristol. He was instrumental in the 1961 acquisition of the Pierce Agency of Portsmouth, as well as a series of mergers and acquisitions to become what is now known as Carey, Richmond & Viking.

Victor’s son, David, joined the firm in 1990 and took over running the business from his father. Now the firm’s president, David is responsible for the successful operation of the agency. He adheres to his grandparents’ commitment to prompt and professional client service.

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