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Commercial Insurance, Senior Account Executive, Margie Holmes
Margie Holmes

Senior Account Executive - Commercial Insurance


​Margie has more than 25 years of commercial insurance carrier experience in auditing and management processes.  Margie is responsible for general account maintenance which includes coverage knowledge, sustaining client relationships, and coordinating policy changes, invoicing, and billing inquiries.  She joined Carey Richmond & Viking in 2011 and now holds the AIS and CIPA designations.

Margie likes to work out at the gym, do yoga and spend time with family, especially her granddaughters. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, sailing, swimming & power walking with her girlfriends. Keeping a close and balanced relationship with family, friends and frequent vacations are the core of what makes her happy. Margie also enjoys cooking and solving work related problems at the office.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Virgin Islands & the Caribbean

Favorite Cooking: Italian & Seafood

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