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10 Tips to Reduce Wind Damage

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

  • Inspect your roof regularly. Consider hiring a licensed roofing professional to evaluate the integrity of your roof and perform necessary repairs.

  • Maintain roof flashing and siding. Wind can tear away loose shingles or worsen cracks in a building’s siding, making it possible for rain to seep in and cause water damage.

  • Secure rooftop equipment. Strong winds can damage satellite dishes, lights, solar panels, and other items attached to your roof. Use anchored straps and cables to hold them in place.

  • Clear debris from gutters and downspouts. Rain often accompanies strong winds and can lead to water damage if your home or business’s drainage system is blocked.

  • Inspect trees on or near your property. Heavy winds can uproot dead or dying trees, which can fall on your house or car. If you are worried about a large tree close to your home or business, call an arborist for pruning or removal (get permission from local authorities if required).

  • Remove debris around your property. Strong winds can hurl loose objects like tools, boards, and toys at your property, breaking windows and damaging walls.

  • Bring outdoor furniture indoors (if possible). Have a secure place to store these items when you get a storm warning, or consider using anchor straps or cables to tether them to a sturdy fence or building so they can't blow away.

  • Secure your home or business. Close and lock the windows, and interior, loading dock, and garage doors to help prevent potential wind uplift.

  • Prepare your vehicle(s). Park your car, truck, or other vehicle under cover, ideally in a garage, and away from trees.

  • Create an emergency plan. Consider enabling emergency alerts on your cellphone to get the latest updates. Decide where you and your family or employees will go if ordered to evacuate. Create a disaster kit with food, water, and first aid supplies to last a few days.

Practice Proactive Risk Management

Taking time to prepare for wind storms can improve the odds of keeping your property safe when one occurs. Make these moves today and enjoy some added peace of mind knowing that you are more prepared for high winds that blow your way.

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